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At Annie-B we pride ourselves in stocking natural and organic personal care products, which are environmentally friendly.

We are very proud of stocking Australia Made products.

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An online store where you will find natural and/or organic personal care, pure essential oils, crystals, books & oracle cards, organic cleaner and feng shui products.

About Annie

Annie Borg’s philosophy is to offer affordable natural and/or organic personal care for your body & home. Therefore it also brings in an element of caring for you as a whole with the Body, Mind & Soul.

Having successfully been in business for 14 years Annie knows the importance of looking after your body with natural products,  as well as caring for the mind with meditation and nurturing the soul with self love retreats and workshops.

Annie is very passionate about nurturing and healing the body from the inside out. She is very particular in what products are sold within Annie-B.  So you will be guaranteed only the best will be sold at Annie-B.

Host A Party

At Annie B healthy living for body, mind & soul we offer you and your friends a personalised shopping experience in the convenience of your own home. For this reason it is always a pleasant experience for everyone involved. We love educating you about the importance of looking after your body and mind.

Angel Readings

Angel Readings are a beautiful way of connecting to your guides, guardian angels, as well as passed love ones to receive answers and clarity on what is happening in your life. Annie is a qualified angel reader and has been doing readings for over 9 years. The joy and clarity a reading brings is just beautiful.


Annie has been teaching meditation for 9 years, and the benefits are enormous to the body and the mind. ♥   When was the last time you STOPPED and took in 3 big deep breaths? The amazing thing about meditation is that it is able to change your life in beautiful ways. You don’t have to meditate for hours to feel the benefits, all you need sometimes is 10 minutes.


3 Essence Retreat

Annie & Andrew have created a beautiful space for all participants who attend. The retreat is all about giving back to yourself and release what has been holding you back in your life. For that reason Annie and Andrew will help you in every way possible. Enjoying the serenity and comfort of an Eco Lodge, the weekend is full of Meditation, yoga, walks, Reiki, relaxing, nurturing the soul & giving back to YOU!

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