Orange Super Base Organic Concentrate Cleaner




Orange Super Base Organic Concentrate Cleaner is 100% Australian owned, 100% biodegradable, 100% Organic, Phosphate free, PH Neutral, safe on any surface & environmentally friendly.

A natural, environmentally safe, all purpose cleaner for the whole house!

Very effective cleaner with the fresh smell of oranges. Safe with children, this non toxic product will surprise you, and is suitable for all cleaning tasks.

General Spray & Wipe 25ml OSB – 500ml Water

Prewash Spray 50ml OSB – 500ml Water

Window, Glass & Carpet 5ml OSB – 500ml water

Bathroom 10ml OSB to clean shower, using large sponge and scrub brush

Toilet 5ml OSB to the bowl

Exhaust Fan Filters soak overnight in hot water with 5ml OSB and rince

Car Wash 5-10ml OSB – 10litres water

Laundry Wash 20ml OSB for Top Loading Automatics & 10ml OSB Front Loading Automatics

Comes with instruction leaflet, and refills available in most areas.

Also available in 5 litres, please contact the office if you would like to order a 5 litre.

Additional information

Weight 1.300 g
Dimensions 11.5 × 8.0 × 17.5 cm