Roll On Perfumes




We have been able to source a lovely range of pure essential oil roll on perfumes using organic ingredients.  Further more the roll on perfumes are a perfect size for your handbag and can have them on hand at all times. Made from the highest quality natural ingredients. Also all scents have pure essential oil blends mixed with an organic jojoba oil.


Our beautiful Rose Damask with a subtle hint of ylang ylang is the perfect therapy for nurturing. Wear on the wrist and neck and importantly over the heart. Finally a wonderful gift to give to those who are suffering emotionally and wonderful to rub on the heart of children at bedtime. Heart – $29.95


A blend of premium patchouli and natural vanilla to ground and to be centred.


A beautiful therapeutic lavender pulse point therapy perfume which you could placed on your wrists to help you become calm and soothed. Also can be place on the neck and wrists to promote sleep. Further more would be perfect for children to become calmed and centred during the day. Certainly would be perfect to place on the bottoms of your feet to help you have a better nights sleep.


Is our uplifting oil blend containing a mix of 9 essential oils that uplift and inspire. Also a wonderful daily oil blend increasing motivation and lifting mood. (sweet orange, ylang ylang, cardamon seed, patchouli,  clove,bergamot, jasmine.sandalwood. rose damask.)

Earth, Calm, Marrakech $21.95


Additional information

Weight .060 g
Dimensions 3.0 × 3.0 × 9.50 cm

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