Tibetan Medical Bracelets




The Tibetan Medical Bracelets subtly imparts the positive effects of the five metals to the five elemental pulses whilst it is worm around the wrist. This traditional design permits all metals to come into direct contact with the skin. While it’s pattern, represents the purifies field of the elements. As the effects of the metals according to traditional Tibetan Medicine are :

Copper – helps to prevent fevers of live and lungs. Also dries up excess fluid and swelling in the joints.

Tin – Promotes healing of wounds. While helps regrowth of skin and flesh after injury. As well as expels poisons from the body and dries up infections.

Nickel – Improves eyesight and other various eye disorders. Alleviates hives, acne and various skin problems.

Silver – Improves blood flow and consistency. Dries up watery infections and conditions. Purifies the blood.

Iron – Strengthens the liver and eyes. Improves eye conditions. Antidote to poisonous lend in the body.

No claim are made for the therapeutic effects of this bracelet beyond the accuracy of the information regarding the Tibetan views on health benefits of metals.


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