Angel Readings

Angel Readings are a beautiful way of connecting with your guides, guardian angels and passed love ones. Receiving answers and clarity on what is happening in your life is a beautiful gift and comfort for the recipient. When I facilitate an Angel Reading using Oracle Cards and the Angels show or tell me what to relay to my client.

As a result it can be confronting as you already may know the information, but don’t want to acknowledge it. Therefore the readings are done with ♥   love and no negative information is given.

Finally I have been a qualified Angel Intuitive for over 9 years. Above all it brings me much joy to see the client have passion, vision and clarity when the reading is finished.

Readings are:

1/2 Hour     $45.00

1 Hour        $70.00

Furthermore I’m able to do the reading by Skype as well and these prices are the same.

Also I do travel to do Angel Readings and my travelling prices are $50.00  half an hour, and $80.00 for 1 hour.

To find out more about an Angel Reading please contact us.

Have seen Annie & had readings done, pretty spot on.
Always very welcoming & makes me feel comfortable, and can always relate to what she is telling me.
I always feel terrific after seeing her, she knows how to ground me & get me in the right headspace.
Is wonderful to relate to/with my loved ones & angels through her. I will always come to Annie for my readings.
I am in a wonderful pace right now and some of that can be attributed to Annie

Annie has a gift of deep connection with the Angelic realm.  Her readings are always loving, inspiring, and detailed.  I can honestly say that Annies readings have helped me change the course of my life for the better.

She helps to shine a light on the Truth of situations and the Truth of yourself.  She, through her connection with the Angels,  inspires and comforts when you’re feeling a bit lost.  She is a no bullshit lady with a heart of gold and I highly recommend her to anyone.

Merryn x