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New Products in Stock

These are new products that have come in within the last 3 months. Therefore we are super excited as it has taken us sometime to find all these excellent products.  

Natural & Organic Personal Care Range

We pride ourselves in our personal care range, as it has no nasty chemicals and where possible we look for organic. It ranges from shampoo & conditioners, to chest rubs, bubble bath, hand wash and all you need to nurture your face and skin. As we have searched the country for affordable products with the brilliance of being natural and where possible organic we know you will love this range just like we do. Also offering refills in some of the products this stops the containers going into land fill. Refills are done at a cheaper price and for this please contact a consultant in your area.          

Orange Super Base Cleaner

Are you tired of cleaning products costing you a fortune ………. What cleaners Orange Super Base will replace: laundry power/liquid, window/floor/car cleaners, general spray & wipe, toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner and so much more. Orange Super Base Concentrated Organic Cleaner will cost you 9 cents to wash your floor, 34 cents to wash your clothes, 85 cents for general spray and wipe and 17 cents to wash your car. How much are the other cleaners costing you? Orange Super Base will replace them all & SAVE you money. The bonus is it’s 100% Organic, Phosphate Free & Australian Owned. This is our number 1 selling product and our first product we started to sell over 22 years ago, so it has shown the test of time.

Pure Essential Oils, Blends & Diffusers

The range of Pure Essential Oils is quiet extensive and we have them in 10ml and 20mls. Also we sell a great range of Essential Oil Blends for all situations in the home and office, as well as having some beautiful oil burners and diffuses to help enhance the aroma throughout  your space.  

Salt Lamps & Salt Crystal Products

The range of salt lamps we have in stock starts from 1-2kg right up to 20-25kg in natural stone and shape, as well as having carved shapes. As they are quiet heavy we don’t have them on the website, but we are able to post for special orders. The massage stone is one of our best sellers, as you can heat it in the oven or cool it in the fridge then place massage oil on it and give a massage. It is also very useful for holding on any aches and pains and just holding it for calming. It is a very multi used stone.  

Inspirational - Spiritual Books, Oracle Cards & Cd's

The variety of books we carry are from Louise Hay and Doreen Virtue for the adults and a nice range of books for children. The children’s books are to encourage them in their everyday life. We sell quiet a few different Oracle Cards and most of these are from Doreen Virtue’s range. I feel it is important to have something to help you to stay positive through your day’s and life. This range I am very passionate about as I am a meditation teacher and mentor and I see the benefits everyday with my clients.

Crystal Jewellery, Wands, Leadlight & Crystals

We have a beautiful selection of Crystal Jewellery, Wands & Leadlight’s all hand crafted from Western Australia. We personally hand pick all these pieces as they are very unique. Easy to use crystal bags for all ages and all occasions. You can just buy them as they look pretty or you can use the wands and crystals in healings.

Australian Made Scented Candles

All of our candles are beautifully made here in Australia. Our most popular ones are the 100 hour Glow throw candles as these are just devine to have burning in your home, as they only burn in the centre to give you the glo thru effect. The scented 3 x 3 and 6 x 3 candles burn for 30 and 50 hours. The best way to burn the candles is to let it melt all the way to the edge on the first burn as they have a memory and will allow your candle to burn evenly.

Feng Shui Products

Most of the statues from our Feng Shui range have been blessed by Buddhist monks. We have a very nice range of statues, coins and bells for your home or office. Bells can be placed at your front and back door to ward off evil and to keep your home protected. Coins will bring you good fortune, so they are brilliant to place in your purse, till and money box.

Incense Sticks & Affirmation Flags

We have a large range of incense sticks and cones + an incense burner box which has a storage compartment in the bottom. Also the affirmation and chakra flags and affirmation scroll are beautiful bright colours for your home or healing rooms.